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Leadership and Soft Skills for Students

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ISBN: 9781457539190
164 pages

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Thank you for your interest in “Leadership and Soft Skills for Students: Empowered to Succeed in High School, College, and Beyond.” I wrote this book to teach you how to develop skills that contribute to academic and career success. Successful students demonstrate soft skills such as commitment, effective communication, problem solving, accountability, and time management. Employers also place a high value on soft skills, but often report them lacking in recent graduates. You can enhance your academic performance now and set yourself up for future academic and career success by sharpening your leadership and soft skills. Learn how in “Leadership and Soft Skills for Students: Empowered to Succeed in High School, College, and Beyond.”

Furthermore, this book is an excellent resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, coaches, and anyone else who wants to help a young person develop the skills he or she needs to be successful.

This book has received strong endorsements from Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and top-ranked executive coach, and Pat Wyman, America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.  Additionally, Midwest Book Reviews gave my book a “Very Highly Recommended” rating and “Reviewer’s Choice” designation in March 2016. (Click on “The Book” tab above to learn more.)

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About Cary J. Green, PhD

Cary J. Green, PhD, has been an educator and mentor to young people for more than twenty years. Now a full-time author, speaker, life-skills coach, and Student Leadership Development Expert on, Green has taught undergraduate and graduate students at three different universities. He has taught leadership and academic success classes, and has provided countless hours of mentoring on academic success, leadership, soft skills, and career navigation.



Do you want to learn key skills that help you succeed in high school and college? Would you like to learn skills employers seek and that will prepare you for a productive, rewarding career? Would you like to communicate more effectively? Are you interested in improving your leadership ability? If so, this book is for you.

Since completing my PhD, I held teaching and advising positions at three universities for twenty years, and held leadership positions in universities for more than ten years. I have taught and advised literally hundreds of students. I have seen many students succeed and many others fail. I know the skills that successful students have, and I know which skills are lacking in students who fail.


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