Sky devices elite 5.5 octa review

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Unfortunately, most smartphones often cost more than we can afford. But have no fear! Sky Devices is here! With their line of super affordable smartphones, you can find the right phone for you at a price that is both fair and manageable. Today we take a look at the Elite 5.

Sky Devices Elite 5.5Octa 16GB 4G LTE Android Unlocked, Gray

The Perfect Budget Phone? Sky Devices Elite L+ - EpicDroid

The Sky Elite 5. At the same time, we found a few glaring drawbacks on its list of features, which hurt its score and potential quite significantly. Starting off with the spec featured on its name, the Sky Elite 5. In spite of this, it offers a promising amount of RAM 3GB, to be specific for a device in its market range. The megapixel camera on its rear is perhaps its most promising feature, octa-core processor aside. Such a resolution is not too common among similar smartphones. Having an 8-megapixel selfie shooter also earns the Elite 5.


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Keep up with the latest goings on with the Sky Devices Elite 5. It runs on the Android operating system and is compatible with thousands of games and other apps available in the Google Play Store. This Sky Devices cell phone features high-resolution front and rear cameras for selfies, video chat and more.