Sex with neighbours

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Welcome to Sisters In Law, news. This week, our resident lawyers and real-life sisters Alison and Jillian Barrett from Maurice Blackburn tackle your legal rights when it comes to noisy neighbours. She is a young woman who lives alone but is never alone, if you catch my drift. She has at least one "partner" every night and the noise is ridiculous. Last week I called the police at 3am because she woke up my baby with her "activity", but they said there was nothing they could do to be honest, I reckon they thought it was a prank call. I've spoken to other neighbours about it but no one seems to know what can practically be done.

It’s about loving your neighbours

Neighbours fans shocked as soap airs ‘steamiest sex scene EVER’ – The Sun

Neighbours viewers got more than they bargained for during the special late night episode on Monday night. Don't miss out on the biggest soaps gossip! Get a daily email direct to your inbox with our newsletter. Neighbours certainly made the most of their post-watershed 10pm time slot on Channel 5 on Monday. Fans were left stunned and some "uncomfortable" as the show aired a steamy sex scene with a twist.

Neighbours fans shocked as soap airs ‘steamiest sex scene EVER’

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Researchers have been asking homeowners what they'd like neighbours fined for - and how much - and it threw up some familiar gripes. Meanwhile, noise is a big annoyance, with children, music, kids and even sex making the top five gripes. The Highway Code, paragraph , states that people should not obstruct road users or pedestrians with their parking, which you can calmly explain to your neighbour.