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DropBox Link. Keep reading. Hell, I had no idea about the yuri potential. NGNL show evaluation: Great execution. The balance of polish, self-awareness, and internal optimism approaches that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus, I can recognize and respect how well the gags were done on a technical level.

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The series follows a group of human gamers seeking to beat the god of games at a series of boardgames in order to usurp the god's throne. The author and his wife, Mashiro Hiiragi, adapted the novels into a manga series for Monthly Comic Alive in The series follows Sora and his younger stepsister Shiro , two hikikomori who make up the identity of Blank, an undefeated group of gamers. One day, they are challenged by the god of games to chess and are victorious. As a result, the god summons them to Disboard, a world where stealing, war, and killing are forbidden, and all matters are decided through games , including national borders and even people's lives. Intent on maintaining their reputation as the undefeated gamers, Sora and Shiro plan to conquer the sixteen ruling species and to usurp the god of games.

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Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Details Pictures Clubs. Chlammy Zell. She got into the final round of the contest by cheating with the help of Elf magic, but lost to Sora and Shiro, who used her schemes against her.
This was due to her belief that humans will never be strong enough and must depend on others in order to survive. She is the friend of the elven girl Feel Nirvalen , despite being a slave of Feel's family. However, Sora, as he was challenged and thus had the right to choose the game, chose a game in which they would both bet everything they have in parts, tricked her into sharing his memories with her in a game of Othello. After Sora won the game, he returned all memories to the respective owners.