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Down and dirty on the farm, Best erotic short stories, free erotica, erotic literature, adult fiction, caffieri. Now, I know in a lot of circles, that this kind of activity is frowned upon in the extreme and extended periods of jail-time are meted out to the practitioners. But I believe it is incumbent upon those who would condemn such societal outliers to weigh all circumstances before striking the gavel of justice down upon them. Fer instance, we reside on a farm in the middle of goddamn nowhere.

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I was having one of those magical soothing, end-of-day baths. Similar to the one Julia Roberts had in that whore movie but with less off-key singing. I jumped out of the tub and slowly, very naughtily toweled myself dry. I wanted to cum so badly; I could feel it in my teeth.

Adultstory , Rated That Saturday I played it smart. I told Daddy that I'd be spending the night with friends. As expected, Daddy decided to have Carrie over for the entire night. With them not knowing I was there, I was able to do some serious spying.
Psych Major Category: Incest. Total 0 votes. You knew exactly what you were doing, didn't you? You knew what you wanted and you knew from the beginning how it was going to be. I saw the look, I felt your eyes, even as you smiled with beguiling wit and alluring chivalry.