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Freemuse defends the right to artistic freedom worldwide. We advocate and take action to free artists, change repressive laws and fight censorship. The Uzbekistan government tightens its control over the arts, prohibiting anything that is believed to threaten national values — including films which have been banned, and musicians who have their performing licenses withdrawn. Censorship was a key instrument for controlling the masses during Soviet times. The performance stoked an uproar from conservatives, with a number of websites and newpapers publishing columns criticizing the performance as promoting same-sex sexual relationships.


Uzbek Police Force Woman To Strip

As already reported, the Kattakurgan police officer Sanat Umarov and others insulted and forced a woman, who was detained for theft, to strip naked. The prosecutor office opened a criminal case against Sanat Umarov, with investigation ongoing. The government of Uzbekistan purchased 1, oxygen concentrator and 20 PCR machines and antiviral drugs from China. Policeman who forced woman strip naked arrested

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Uzbekistan women are representatives of one of the most ancient Asian peoples. The Uzbek people have a unique history, a peculiar culture which distinguishes them even from the closest neighbors. The appearance Uzbek represents the most characteristic features of Asians, at the same time they are inherent and unique facial features of the structure, eye shape, especially the figures, and even manners. Climatic conditions of the region, which is inhabited by Uzbeks, had an impact on their physical appearance, the traditional style of dress. It should be noted that even those beautiful Uzbekistan women , who live in the big modern cities have in her wardrobe a large number of national clothes and enjoy wearing it, even in ordinary weekdays.
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