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How Teens and Parents Navigate Screen Time and Device Distractions

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Amid roiling debates about the impact of screen time on teenagers, roughly half of those ages 13 to 17 are themselves worried they spend too much time on their cellphones. Additionally, girls are more likely than boys to feel anxious or lonely without their cellphone. Parents, too, are anxious about the effects of screen time on their children, a separate survey shows. Teen life is suffused with technology.

These 5 Smartphones Under $300 Are Perfect for Kids and Teens

Business 2. Today's teens are doing much more with their mobile devices. Speed texting with their eyes closed is only the beginning, and the technology can barely keep up with their rising demand for new features. In just two years, the number of teenage cellular subscribers has grown by nearly 26 percent that's a full 10 percentage points above the growth rate of to year-old customers for the same time period. And there's ample evidence that teens want advanced capabilities on their phone.
A recent survey by Commonsense Media found that about half of teenagers feel addicted to their cellphones, and even more of their parents agree. The sheer number and variety of ways to communicate and share digitally are both vexing and sobering for parents, particularly if they have tweens and teens. And parents are rightly concerned about the possibilities of missteps in the internet age: embarrassing messages and posts kept alive forever, predators and identity thieves, even the threat of criminal prosecution for youthful mistakes. Our children are comfortable exploring the new digital world. This leads to a lot of confusion, and I am often consulted on the best way to deal with challenging situations involving the internet and social media.