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A year-old boy presented with several asymptomatic linear lesions on his back Figure. They were noticed recently by his mother when she was assisting him in hospital after an operation that required a general anaesthetic open reduction of a fracture. The boy had previously been healthy. When they first develop, striae are usually erythematous and sometimes irritable and raised, but over time the scars fade and become white. They can develop at any time during pubertal growth after the appearance of pubic hair. In boys, it is not uncommon for striae to occur on the buttocks and in a horizontal pattern on the back.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

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As we head into the last month of the school year at least for some of us , parents start asking each other, "Hey, what is your kid doing this summer? As lots of sports parents know, summer does not always mean fun and hanging out by the swimming pool anymore. In this deeply sports-obsessed state, there is no off-season. Back in February, spring and summer could not get here fast enough. I was looking forward to watching my year-old run track, play basketball, compete in skeet shooting Skeet?

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Back pain in children and adolescents is different than back pain in adults. This is because their bodies are going through continuous changes as they grow. Back pain in children over age 10 is commonly caused by mechanical or developmental problems. Developing muscles are often weak and provide poor support as a result.
Doctors do spinal fusion surgery to help teens with scoliosis or other spine problems. It's called "fusion" because the surgery lets two or more bones in the spine called vertebrae fuse grow together into one solid bone. This helps the spine grow in a straighter position and sometimes eases back pain. Many teens with scoliosis don't need medical treatment. Others will wear a brace to keep the spine from developing more of a curve.