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Our own survey canvassed the opinion of women, while the questions were focused on how they felt about dating a bald man. The vast majority of respondents also claimed that they find bald men attractive while revealing that a shaven head reflects a habits and confident outlook. This largely reflects the results of national girls in the U. Interestingly, this was one of numerous reasons dating of being bald, each of which offers a unique insight into why women find shaven headed men so attractive. Bald at this early date, we can surmise that bald men are perceived as would confidence. This could be down to men bold and the nature of a shaved guy, of course, but there website other reasons why this may well be the case.

What It's Like To Be A Bald Woman In The Dating World

Women Tell Us Why They Find Bald Men Sexy

What makes it more twisted is its horcrux-like ability to be stuffed in bits and pieces in the collective male consciousness, and forever kept alive — throbbing and easily offended. Thus, men are sensitive about their height, the breadth of their chest, the length of their penises, the width of their wallets, the quality of their eyesight, the price of their cars and the age of their wives. Oh, and hair — the blackness of it,its length, volume, thickness, style and cut; men have an almost Samson-esque insecurity that their strength, prowess and potency lie in the presence of their hair. This is baseless, because bald men can be both strong and handsome if they take care of themselves, watch what they eat and groom themselves — the same rules of living a good life that apply to everybody else, in other words. Why, then, does a portly, middle-aged man with beer -breath get to poke fun at his bald friend, who is well-groomed, well-travelled and can count all of his abdominal muscles? Balding is always equated with ageing, and youth is the biggest concern of any man on the other side of

15 Famous Women Who Shaved Their Heads

Now we could give you our personal opinion on the matter but we thought it would be better to go to the source and ask hundreds of women these questions in order to come to conclusive answers. For more detail, refer to the Survey Methodology here. Additionally, when you look at the breakdown between the different age groups, we see an interesting pattern:.
With her role as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max , Theron proved a female action hero can kill it at the box office — no flowing hair or sparkly makeup necessary. Unlike many of the celebs on this list, the American Idol alum didn't shave her head for a role or for style — she did it to show solidarity for her childhood best friend who was battling breast cancer. See how prettily short hair shows off the singer's face? But Bey's little sister isn't just famous for her cropped style — she's been a hair icon for years, telling Essence Magazine that numerous women come up to her and reveal that she's their haircut inspiration.