Peeing in public

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People arrested for public urination also may be involved with other disruptive behavior that may involve alcohol resulting in attracting the attention of police. In California you can be arrested for under both state as well as local laws for public urination. Public urination in California has a rather short legal history. A California court in ruled that public urination could be considered a public nuisance. Under California Penal Code Sections and it may be considered creating a public nuisance.

Is Urinating in Public Really a Crime?

Is It Okay for a Child to Urinate in Public?

But do take the extra time to find a bathroom instead of watering the landscaping. Although it might seem like a relatively harmless act, urinating in public is really a crime that can lead to serious consequences. Usually, people caught urinating in public are charged with indecent exposure. Indecent exposure includes the exposure of the genitals when another person is present. Under Arizona law, indecent exposure is typically prosecuted as a misdemeanor. However, it can become a felony offense.


Austin is known for its bars. In fact, It has one of the highest bars per capita in the entire country. When faced with this situation, many men will quickly consider their options and end up finding a private-ish place to relieve themselves.
All 50 states have deemed this act unlawful. Moreover, many cities and local jurisdictions also have penalties for peeing in public. This means that if you're caught with your pants down or your fly unzipped, as the case may be , you may be facing more fines and penalties than just those handed down by the state in which you live.