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How Nikki Warner lost Jasper « Lewis County

Nikki Warner has toys, framed handprints and photos arranged in a shrine surrounding a tall ocean-blue glass urn next to her bed. Jasper James Henderling-Warner was 3 years old when he died while in the care of a married couple, parents to three of their own children. The household moved to the south Lewis County town about two weeks before his short life came to an end on Oct. Danny A. Wing, 26, and Brenda A. Wing, 27, were arrested a month later.

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In , when I was ten, my father died. He was a small man, five-five tops, jammed with energy. I understood.
Nikki was a starring vehicle for Nikki Cox , who had previously starred in another WB sitcom, Unhappily Ever After , which ran for five seasons. Looking to capitalize on Cox's popularity, Bruce Helford created a sitcom that featured her as the title character. The couple is portrayed as working class , attempting to follow their passions while finding fame and fortune in Las Vegas. Also a recurring character were Dwight's mother Marion Christine Estabrook , who is angry with Nikki for "luring" her son into a marriage and away from a safe, secure job with a future as a tax attorney; Ken and Alice Gillespie Todd Robert Anderson and Jacqueline Heinze , Nikki and Dwight's conservative neighbors;.