Nathan for you hotel/travel agent

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In all three of the segments this week, the business owners or the people Nathan is trying to get interested in his ideas never quite go for it fully. The opening segment takes Nathan to the Hilltop Hotel, which wants to attract more families. But when two porn stars come in and test it near a real child, followed by an entire orgy just to make sure, it becomes the level of determination that makes the bit rather than the usual insane reactions that should come from an idea this nuts. Nathan is an even bigger failure when he tries to help a travel agent, whose customers have dwindled to the oldest of the old. First Nathan and Rose visit a funeral home to learn the tricks of the trade and soon discover more people are choosing cremation. After searching for cremation furnace prices, Nathan decides to instead try out a pizza oven to see if it could also do the same job.

Nathan for You S03E06 Hotel Travel Agent

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Club matriarch Bonney Teti , one of the few people keen enough to see through the dutiful, conscientious facade to the pure evil of the post office. Nathan For You explores the confounding corners of human psychology, but Nathan is just as willing to offer himself up for armchair psychoanalysis as he is his unwitting participants. Nathan says the real money is in family vacations, so the goal is to implement a plan that would make family vacations more enticing by facilitating sex between the parents while the kids are in the same room. The concept itself is both hilarious and heartbreakingly naive. Just wait until he finds out that, for many more-or-less happy couples, a week without the expectation of sex or the pressure of initiating it is among the primary selling points of vacationing with your children. But with Pang reluctantly onboard with the pitch, Nathan puts his team to work constructing the box in a segment that could easily be mistaken for an HGTV network promo or a scene from Pimp My Ride.

Hotel/Travel Agent

This episode of Nathan For You is the darkest for the series yet. But, damn, Nathan sure went out of his way to create the craziest scenario for an idea yet. A gaggle of porn stars, a little boy and an aloof hotel manager make for the best seven minutes this show has had. The problem is that a local hotel wants to attract more families. Nathan finds that the rooms provide no separation between child and parents so that the latter can engage in sexual activities.
See the entire gallery. Watch the trailers. A hotel tries to appeal to sexually active parents, a travel agent finds out how profit from her elderly customers, and Nathan shares his solution for never being late.