Most romantic sex positions

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This article is going to change your entire view on sex. You will understand why at the end. Just be patient. Having an amazing sex life filled with variety and spontaneity is the key to making a relationship last, having fun when hooking up with new people and enjoying sex as much as possible. The fact that you are here right now reading this mean you already have an advantage.

Most Romantic Sex Positions

10 Intimate Sex Positions for a Romantic Night In

Sit up, with your legs loosely crossed in front of you. Have her climb onto your lap, facing you. Nuzzle into her neck and kiss down to her breasts. Have her lie on her side, with her legs scissored out.

The 10 Best Intimate Sex Positions To Boost Your Love Connection

Sometimes sex is purely about raw, gotta-have-it-right-now FIRE. But other times, you want to slow things down and really connect with your partner. Here are 5 super-sweet positions that'll get you both there, with lots and lots of romantic eye gazing and orgasms. Start off with a bonding oxytocin boost via morning sex. Try an entwined position on your sides for lazy intimacy.
Sometimes you're in the mood for wild, rough sex. For those moments, sink your teeth into these seven positions that up the romance factor like whoa. For a super intimate position that's also totally comfortable, have him sit on the arm of the couch. Sit on his lap, facing him, with your feet on the seat cushion. Rock gently while hugging him tight.