Juvia x gray lemon

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As many of you know, I've been away for about two months, not posting a single thing. There were just so many things happening in my life. My girlfriend, daughter and I moved into a new city. I also told you that my coworkers and I were pitching a video game idea to a company.

Gruvia lemon

Unwind, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

Hi friends! It will contain multiple smutty one-shots of Gruvia; some will stick to canon material, while others will be AU. Hope you guys will enjoy, and happy reading! It is said that whomever ingests it will lose every ounce of control and succumb to their sexual desires. The pink-haired mage opened his mouth, but whatever words that came out was slurred and incomprehensible. Lucy made no attempt to talk; her face turning a bright shade of red was her only reply.

Juvia receives some "advice" from Mirajane at their guild-wide sleepover on how to finally snag Gray. Now, Juvia was determined. Gray-sama would notice Juvia. No matter what the cost.
He had had it with her always following him and snooping around. His secret was finally out. This time, she had gone too far and she was going to pay. Earlier that day, Gray had been walking home from the guild hall. He was taking a few days off from doing jobs since the last one was pretty tough.