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But her role in that film — as the saucy, pants-averse Marian Wyman — was also a clue. The argument? That Moore had potentially kissed another man. In her unprecedented two-decade run of cinematic cuckoldry, Moore has demonstrated true straying power, cheating on men and women, on the elderly and with twentysomethings.

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The vivacious title character she plays in "Gloria Bell" does both. She begins a passionate courtship with the also-divorced Arnold John Turturro , whose unscrupulous behavior briefly sends her on a downward spiral of reckless partying and hookups, and then back on the path to self-discovery. But even with all its relatable human struggles, "Gloria Bell" still forced Moore to step outside her comfort zone. The actress appears nude in a handful of scenes, some of them sexual, which hasn't gotten any easier since she first disrobed in 's "Body of Evidence. Nobody's comfortable,' " she says. If suddenly somebody's sitting there all covered up at home, you're sending a signal to my brain that this isn't true and you're taking viewers out of the story.


Julianne Moore wants to change the way people talk about aging. What are you going to do? Earlier that morning, she saw a "horribly poignant" clip of TV star Luke Perry, who died on Monday from a stroke at So I guess I'm more interested in talking about what a life is, where you can go, and how you change and grow.
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