Jose luis sin censura

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The audience at times chants anti-gay slurs at show participants. The two sides have scheduled a meeting for this month. The privately held Burbank-based company has been expanding. But the service is not without its detractors. A TV station in Wichita, Kan. Get our Boiling Point newsletter for the latest on the power sector, water wars and more — and what they mean for California.

José Luis sin censura

Controversial Talk Show "Jose Luis Sin Censura" Removed From Airwaves | Baldwin Park, CA Patch

The show was broadcast during the daytime in over 30 markets across the country. The removal of the show comes after a campaign during which dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals were mobilized, many via a petition at Change. To view video footage of the violence against LGBT people which was featured and encouraged on the show, along with photos of the delivery of the Change. Recent episodes featured audiences chanting "puta" "Whore! In addition, audience members were allowed to chant "puto! The program frequently featured blatant nudity and female guests were shown in violent fights. Guests and audience members were often incited to engage in verbal and physical attacks.

Estrella TV Drops Controversial Talk Show

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