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Japanese police are cracking down on businesses which provide respectability to women engaged in the world's oldest profession. The alibi-ya provide women in the country's sex industry with a reputable but totally fictitious identity, designed to conceal their real job from their families. The companies provide things like fake business cards, references and employment certificates to sex workers, and have even been known to provide a fake boss for birthday speeches and other family events. The companies are not illegal, but police have cracked down on fraud cases that have involved the use of their services. We do this by helping them with their identity. In other words, Mr Sakamoto's company sets the client up with a totally fake job and background - one which is acceptable to real estate agents and nursery schools which might baulk at dealing with a sex worker.

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English professor’s manuscript confronts Japanese sex slavery | Our Campus | wcncom

Political theorist, and author of a best-selling cookbook, began life as a mercenary soldier and ended it as the head of the Vatican Library. Returning to favor under Pope Sixtus IV, he composed his most famous work, a biographical compendium of the Roman popes from St. Peter down to his own time. BANCO perfectible. Darius Rejali, one of the world's leading experts on torture, takes the reader from the late nineteenth century to the aftermath of Abu Ghraib, from slavery and the electric chair to electrotorture in American inner cities, and from French and British colonial prison cells and the Spanish-American War to the fields of Vietnam, the wars of the Middle East, and the new democracies of Latin America and Europe. As Rejali traces the development and application of one torture technique after another in these settings, he reaches startling conclusions. As the twentieth century progressed, he argues, democracies not only tortured, but set the international pace for torture.

Japanese sex workers sold fictitious lives

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Centre for Japanese Research. Join our Mailing List! Stay up-to-date on all CJR related events and stories. This lecture is based on my ongoing research on cultural memories of ameyuki-san, Japanese women who engaged in sex work in North America at the turn of the 20th century.