How to build sex swing

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Say hello to positions you thought only acrobats could pull off! What do avocado toast and sex swings have in common? They both combine two amazing things to create something even better. Because getting into the ahem swing of things takes some savvy, we called on Stubbs and Carly S.

How to build your own sex swing

Bringing Sexy Back to DIY: How to Build Your Own Sex Furniture

Takeaway: Some of the most impressive sex furniture is pretty expensive, but you can create a similar effect at home with a bit of do-it-yourself spirit. So you're interested in sex furniture. Or, at least, in the idea of sex furniture. But maybe you just don't have a lot of money to spend on furnishings right now. Alas, that extra-large sex lounger will have to wait until you're rich and infamous , right? We hear you. But if you're still longing for a kinky way to kick back, you don't have to wait for a cash injection, especially if you're the crafty sort.

How to Use a Sex Swing (Without Pulling Any Muscles)

Have you ever wondered what sex on the international space station would be like? Apart from cleaning up floating bodily fluids, I'm sure it would be lovely. While space is a long shot, a sex swing allows you to have "floating sex" here on Earth. Sex swings come in a few different varieties - some are designed for bedrooms or doorframes, some are repurposed yoga swings, and some are full-on leather BDSM sex swings.
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