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Standing there with her hands in her pockets, clad in a long-sleeved red T-shirt featuring the smiling face of U. President Barack Obama, blue jeans and black Timberland shoes, her long black hair carefully hidden by the Hijab which she always wore while outside, Jannah indeed looked beautiful. Her chocolate-hued skin glistened as the late afternoon sun bathed her in its gentle light. The six-foot-tall, athletic young West African Muslim woman trembled ever so slightly, then finally let go and embraced Yasmeen with all of her might. Jannah stiffened, and then, slowly, hesitantly, she took Yasmeen's lovely face in her hands, and looked into her friend's golden brown eyes.

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A beautiful sexy black girl, standing up for her mother, a housekeeper, against her snobby and bitchy employer Mrs Natasha Jordan had never been more surprised in her life, she didn't know yet that, embarrassment, shame, and humiliation were on the horizon and heading unerringly her way. She was at this very moment under attack, and one she was finding out, she had, and would not be able to defend herself from. The wonderfully gorgeous sexy woman, her long ash blond hair splayed about. Her 5ft frame pinned. Her luscious body was being sorely tested, her nipples, which were always annoyingly sensitive, were being ravaged and creased, they were being sucked, bitten, and nibbled, as well as being rotated and pinched. Her pussy was being fingered, her heart shaped pouty lipped mouth was being kissed. The tongue in her mouth, soft, silky, velvety, it had its way, battling her own, licking her.

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Lesbian stories that will make you deliciously wet, hard and horny. Here are quick teasers, I felt my clit swell as she whispered that to me. I was so turned on from making her come that my… Her perfume and sweat were also a turn on.
My name is Elisabeth Shay. I'm a five-foot-ten, thick-bodied, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black woman living in Atlanta. I'm a plump black female who is damn proud of her shape. My skin is dark brown. I like my women how I like my chocolate, hot and black.