Forced feminization sissy training

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Atlanta Dungeon We absolutely adore sissies, crossdressers, and all those ready to embrace their inner femme. We specialize in the many intricacies of feminization, sissy training, makeovers, mentoring and all things feminine. We will inspire you to truly let go and give in to your secret feminine desires. We will engage you in the genuine intimate and sensual experiences of being a woman.

Sissy Training 101 - Basic Concepts for Beginners

Sissy Training - Basic Concepts for Beginners

Feeling sexy and desirable feels good. You only have to walk into any store to see the great variety of style and color that women get to play with in terms of clothing, hair, and makeup. Some men see all that fun variety and want to play too. And who could blame them?

Feminization (activity)

Men want to be sissified for various reasons — the love of the clothing, associated sexual acts, simple arousal, domination, humiliation, chastity play, control, servitude, etc. This step, in my opinion, is the most important. It might come easily to some while being very difficult for others. It can also be non-sexual, and simply for the thrill of dressing up. But when a second person is involved or more , you must be very honest about what you want, need, expect, and are worried about.
Feminization or feminisation see spelling differences , sometimes forced feminization shortened to forcefem or forced femme , [1] [2] and also known as sissification , [3] is a practice in dominance and submission or kink subcultures, involving reversal of gender roles and making a submissive partner take on a feminine role, which may include cross-dressing. The feminized partner is sometimes called a " sissy ". Subsets of the practice include "sissy training" and variations thereof, where the submissive partner is trained over time in femininity.