Do women talk about sex

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Gather together a group of married women anywhere — the office, a restaurant, a party — and they will get to talking about everything from kids and work to books and movies. You may even have the rare occasion when women will discuss bodily functions and whether or not they are correctly functioning. There are always some exceptions to the rule, of course. There are a couple of reasons. The quality and the quantity of sex are expected to be a lower priority.

The Difference Between How Men And Women Talk About Sex To Friends

25 Sex Things Women Actually Talk To Their Friends About

College age women reported talking about sex and sex-related topics with their best friend more than men did in a recent Penn State study and the researchers say these different communications styles could set men and women up for mismatched expectations about conversations with their partner in a romantic relationship. Eva S. Lefkowitz, assistant professor of human development and family studies who directed the study, says, "In our study, women not only reported talking more about sex and sex-related topics with their best friend but also reported being more comfortable doing so than did the men. These findings suggest that when men and women get into a relationship they come from different sexual communication experiences on two levels - frequency and comfort. This mismatch may explain some of the differences and problems that other researchers have identified in marital communication. Her co-author is Heather Petterson, former Penn State undergraduate.

What Women Say When They Talk About Sex

The ritual begins in high school, in bedrooms, one girl hugging a teddy bear to her chest as she talks, the other drawing graffiti on her blue jeans while she listens. As adults, women continue the tradition—while drinking champagne at marble-topped bars, sweating in saunas together, or walking down snowy city streets. The transcripts are funny, when they're not sad. As complicated as quantum physics, or as simple as strawberry pie.
Pretty much any out-of-the-ordinary request, fetish, or sex move will be discussed and debated in great detail. No judgements, but A strange pain, awkward spotting, or bodily fluids that you can't entirely explain.