Boyfriend caught cheating video

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This is so awkward to watch! Credit: To Catch a Cheater. Jump to. Sections of this page.

This Girl Thought Her Boyfriend Was Cheating…Well…She Was Right (Video)

This Girl Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her

Picture: Kennedy News Source:Supplied. The man tenderly embraces the unknown girl, who has her arms over his shoulders, before he appears to lean forward to kiss her with his hands around her waist, The Sun reports. The guy in the back is a stranger but he was hooking up with some chick. A man was reportedly caught cheating on his girlfriend in the background of the Snapchat video. The Perth local studied the video meticulously to make sure it was really him before sending it onto her friend.

‘Love rat’ caught ‘cheating on girlfriend’ in stranger’s Snapchat video by best friend

There are many signs that someone is a true friend of yours. Maybe they helped you move apartments, or maybe they just had the time to listen to you pour your heart out for an hour over the phone. However, this might be the best friend you could possibly imagine.
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