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Frane Bicaku's teenage daughter, Valentina, vanished from their home more than a year ago. She hasn't been heard from since. Gjin Lleshi lost two daughters: one was 15 and the other He says they were taken by men who promised to marry them. Instead, the girls wound up as teenage prostitutes on the streets of Italy, smuggled there by the Albanian mafia.

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The Sex Worker and Albania's Highest Court | Balkan Insight

Prostitution in Albania is illegal but widespread. Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early s, prostitution in Albania was virtually unknown. Migration from rural areas to cities, and the economic problems following the Soviet collapse, caused some women to turn to prostitution. Street prostitution occurs near the centre of the capital, Tirana , mainly by Roma men and women. Three articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania outlaw prostitution and related activities: [4]. Human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Albania, and traffickers exploit victims from Albania abroad. Albanian women and children are subject to sex trafficking and forced labor within the country, especially during tourist season.

On Speedboats, Albania’s Sex Trade Could Flare

As a child, Pamela was abandoned by her mother and maltreated by her grandmother. She felt she had no alternative but to run away from home. She left in January , not looking back once, wearing little more than slippers and a sweater. She did not realise then that the price of her freedom would have to be paid in bed, with men of very different standing, from those with an air of sophistication to hardened drinkers. A close friend gave her shelter — but then explained she would have to earn her keep, by working as a prostitute.
A year after escaping her captors, she has been denied asylum in the UK. W earing immaculately applied make-up and speaking near perfect English, Sara appears very together. But as she recounts events from her past it becomes clear her life has been far from stable. She had hopes of becoming a lawyer in her home country. Due to a string of incidents in which she was subjected to manipulation and exploitation by a number of men, however, she was prevented from doing so.