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We-Vibe is a brand of sex toys manufactured by Standard Innovation, a company founded by a Canadian couple in It is one of Canada's largest producers of adult toys. Bruce Murison previously worked in the semiconductor and manufacturing industries. The company released the first We-Vibe couple's vibrator , [1] a small U [4] or C-shaped device designed to be worn by a woman during sex and over the pubic bone , [5] with one end inserted vaginally and the other end resting against the clitoris. Oz Show. Adult toy experts believe this may be due to the brand's mainstream consumer marketing strategy, product design, and discrete packaging.

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Sex-tech company We-Vibe is facing a class action lawsuit after the brand was found to be secretly gathering data on its users' sexual activity. The Canadian company produces sex toys, such as its smart vibrators, which can be controlled by partners though its smartphone app. Data tracked by the app has landed it in legal trouble though. Hackers also outlined that the device was vulnerable to intrusive remote hijacking, meaning it could potentially be activated by strangers.

Data Protection Choices

Sex toys for couples can inspire you to switch up your routine, provide a jumping-off point for conversations about what you both like, and give you the chance to experience more pleasure. Not all sex toys for couples are created equal, though. They come in a wide variety of designs, from finger attachments to vaginal insert-ables, and different ones work better for different people's bodies. Some are designed for use during penetrative sex, while others are meant to be used with your hands.
As the former editor of a magazine that had a lot to do with sex , I've tried many different vibrators in my day, all in the name of research: rabbits, bullets, big ones, small ones, vibes made of different materials in a variety of colors. I thought I was a jaded sex toy consumer, that is, until I heard about the We-Vibe Sync , which is marketed as a "couples vibrator. I tried hard to imagine what that actually meant: How exactly would we both use the vibrator?