Maintain a positive attitude.

“Your attitude has a great influence on your relationships, productivity, and happiness. If you want to be a successful leader, learn to maintain a positive attitude; this attitude will inspire and encourage the people around you. Furthermore, the right attitude will help you overcome setbacks and struggles you will encounter.”

From “Leadership and Soft Skills for Students” by Cary J. Green, PhD

Time management is crucial for success.

“You must manage your time so that you achieve your goals. Managing your time means that you spend time on your priorities, and it also means that you do not waste time on non-priorities… You may think you are making progress simply because you are busy. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, busyness can keep you from accomplishing anything meaningful by giving you a false feeling of accomplishment while stealing your time.”

From “Leadership and Soft Skills for Students” by Cary J. Green, PhD

Don’t let a loss defeat you.

“Your life is not defined by one bad grade on a test or in a class, by one failed project, by one missed opportunity, by one loss at a competition, or by one poor performance on the job.”

From “Leadership and Soft Skills for Students” by Cary J. Green, PhD

Advice for overcoming weaknesses.

“An apparent weakness in ability may be overcome with deliberate effort and/or by learning new skills. I have seen many young people who feel they have a weakness holding them back or preventing them from overcoming an obstacle discover that the weakness actually represents the need to work harder or smarter.”

From “Leadership and Soft Skills for Students” by Cary J. Green, PhD.


New book on Personalized Learning

Pat Wyman, America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, released a new book on personalized learning. The book includes a chapter I wrote entitled, “Leadership and Soft Skills: How to Create the Future You Want in School, Career, and Life.”

A video of my chapter is available on my YouTube channel,

Pat says: Can hardly contain our excitement! Our new worldwide goodwill book, Smarter ² : How to Use Personalized Learning to Master School Faster and Create the Future You Want is finally finished after a year of love and hard work!  50% off until January 31st here:

The book shows students:

* how to custom tailor learning to their needs, strengths and passions,

* how self-direct their education so that it matches what they want for their future

* ensures that what students study is directly related to the workplace and students are prepared with college and career readiness skills

No more ‘one-size-fits all education’

Data shows that using personalized learning increases graduation rates, improves grades and in many schools, well over 80% of students go on to college.

Included with Smarter ² is a complimentary book with success strategies for all subject areas: Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster